WELCOME to the Philippines, foreign tourists and local travelers alike!

This blog is aimed at showing you the people, places, things and events that you should not miss when you are in the Philippines.  Let us be your reference when you open the site for the Philippines; we will be full of information and guide for you!

Because we have a million and one things to show you, we are trying to go by province, so that we don’t miss a thing.  We started with Metro Manila and then we are going around the provinces in the Luzon Island.   After that, we will meticulously show you the different provinces that make up the Visayas, and finally, we will dwell into the equally interesting provinces in the Island of Mindanao.

So go with us on this cyber trip, as we go around various places and show you our beautiful country, THE PHILIPPINES!




9 Responses to “About”

  • Jim:

    Noted you are using one of my photos from the 2012 Mango Festival.


    • Yes! You had a nice shot of the fruitstand! I hope you don’t mind… I credited you properly, didn’t I?

      I checked your website, it was lovely! Thank you for your interest in my country!

      I highly recommend this site to my readers: http://kanoilander.com


  • hi i just found your website while searching through Google. and noticed you used one of my photos of the Madlum River in Bulacan. I would just like to thank you for the feature and credit =)

    • Hello Renee,
      Yes, your picture was amazing and we took the liberty of putting it up on our website with your credits, of course!

      To all our readers and followers, we highly recommend this link: flickr/photos/stripesandhearts! Anyone interested in his works, please let us know and we will inform Renee!


  • please put a link to my site as an advert on the side of your pages as you are using my photos – Mike

    • Hello Mike,
      I would gladly put a credit on the photo, if you let me know which particular photo you are talking about. If you want your site advertised, we can do that also, but for a fee

  • Joel roldan:

    Sana mas maraming websites na ganito tungkol sa Pilipinas, para sumikat tayo.

  • Hello Admin,
    Thanks for the lovelink.


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