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It's More Fun in the Philippines, No.1 for Fun!






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Twin Rocks is a secluded cove facing a beach looking out on a pair of big boulders.  It is a very lovely place for lovers but never on a weekend!  In the weekends, the place is flooded with lots of activities like ATV, diving, kayaking, videoke, wallclimbing and zipline!


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Travelled with my kids, and was just doing an ocular visit at this resort… as soon as we set foot in the resort, I knew we’re gonna stay longer than intended. It’s a place that’s hard to say NO to. It has a front beach where you can swim on day time, a swimming pool if you still want to dip in the water at night. They have zipline, wall climbing facility, and now offers diving lesson. I love the nice nipa-hut lay-out rooms.. they also have choices of accommodations, and very affordable. Friendly staff – love their very welcoming smile. Thanks also to the manager who’s very accommodating. Thumbs up! – Text from:


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One of the 7107 islands of the Philippines, this should be the one on your list to be visited this holiday season.
The beach is located at Igang Virac, Catanduanes, an island facing the Pacific Ocean. They called it the island of howling winds and majestic waves because it is a typhoon prone place. Also PURARAN beach can be found here, one of the surfing capital of the Philippines. Twin Rock is mysterious, enchanting beach which could bring a relaxing holiday for you and your family. This is a precious gift to your loved ones, meetings venue in the company, a good place for seminars and a dreamed wedding place. Enjoy the view of twin rock natural formations, white sand beach seashore and other amenities which are readily available. Continue Reading…


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