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Dubbed “Sigla’t-Saya, Sama-Sama Kahit Magkakaiba,” the city government of Tarlac, through the City Tourism Office, will hold the first “Melting Pot Festival” starting on Sunday, Mayor Ace Manalang said. This year, the city government decided to change the title of the festivities from “Malatarlak and Balik-Sigla” to “Melting Pot Festival” to emphasize that although the city is composed of people having different culture and origin, still it can work harmoniously and will turn the impossible into achievable. The festival will commence with a “Misa ng Pagkakaisa” at San Sebastial Cathedral to be followed by showcasing numerous arrays of merry-making activities like trade fair and food festival at the Ninoy Aquino Plaza followed at night by a fireworks display to signal the start of the event.   Read More:



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The Malatarlak Festival (or Melting Pot Festival), celebrated every January in Tarlac City, is one of the most remarkable festivals in the province. In 2011, the City Mayor then changed the name of the festival to Melting Pot Festival, but it is still remembered by its former name. The festival is a commemoration to the first people who built civilization in the province, the Aetas. Read More:




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