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Planning a trip? Those who love to travel know the essence of all travel is about you and your enjoyment. Travelers know that the destination is a major part in planning a trip, experiencing and delving deeper into an unfamiliar places, people and culture is paramount.

Expand your horizons and set your sight to the Philippines, an off the beaten path travel site! An undiscovered paradise made of thousands of islands and white sand beaches all around! A tiny dot in the map of the world, and yet a haven for travelers, backpackers, retirees and even passersby.

It offers awesome tourist attractions, magnificent beaches, hot spring resorts, colorful festivals, hundreds of scenic spots and world-class hotels and facilities. Not to mention the tropical climate, the affordable prices as well as the friendly and hospitable, English-speaking people! You will be glad you came, and we’re sure, you WILL come back for more FUN in the Philippines!






Dagupan Map

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Dagupan City is a first class city in Philippines. It is an independent component city of the province of Pangasinan.  Dagupan is a progressive city—the center of trade, education and commerce in Northern Luzon.

Dagupan is a coastal city nestled by the sea and traversed by seven rivers, making it ideal for sports, leisure and bountiful harvest for one’s gastronomic delight.

Welcome to Dagupan City: North Luzon’s “Pandaragupan”, World Record breaker of the Longest Grill, Bangus Capital of the World and home of the World’s Tastiest Milkfish – the Dagupan Bangus!



Bangus Festival

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 Dagupan is recognized around the globe as the Bangus Capital of the World for being the source of the freshest, highest-quality produce of bangus (milkfish) in the Philippines and the world over; hence it has rightfully pioneered the Bangus Festival. Not long ago, it has also merited Guinness World Record for the Longest Barbecue in the grandiose Kalutan ed Dalan (Bangus Grill Street Party).



The Bangus Festival is one of the most prominent festivals in Philippines. Bangus Festival, Philippines starts with the ceremonial lighting of 1,000 barbecue grills. These grills are used to cook thousands of Bangus or Milk fish, famous in the country. The barbecue grills used in the Bangus Festival, Philippines stretch for nearly two-kilometers. Due to this reason, Philippines holds the Guinness World Record for possessing the longest barbecue grill.


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During the Bangus Festival, hundreds of cooks participate in the fish cooking competition. Grilling is not the only thing stressed at in the competition. While the competition goes on, hundreds of chefs compete to cook the tastiest and most creative Bangus dish. This competition is famous by the name ‘101 Ways to Cook Bangus’ competition. –


Pangasinan Bangus FestivalPhoto from:


The Bangus Festival is one of the major and most exciting festivals in the Philippines worth visiting and coming back for.

The yearly euphoria envelops the city of Dagupan with a high level of excitement as the street dancers, in their most striking costumes, depict the harvest of bangus. Learn the various ways of cooking bangus in 101 ways while indulging in its succulent taste. See skilled Dagupeños speedily classify, debone and eat bangus. Discover the most beautiful, longest and heaviest bangus. Witness 10,000 pieces of Dagupan bangus simultaneously being grilled in a scorching kilometer stretch, their mouth-watering aroma wafting through the air.


Pangasinan Bangus FestivalPhoto from:


The Bangus Festival was conceptualized in August 2001 during the first year of Mayor Benjamin S. Lim’s term. It was subsequently launched in 2002 as a part of the annual Pista’y Dayat celebration.

Today, the Festival has created a mark and culture of its own, earning for itself a global reputation. And in a reversal of roles, the Pista’y Dayat has been made part of the more popular Bangus Festival. Undeniably, the Bangus Festival has become the best advertisement for the world’s tastiest milkfish. –


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The festival commences with the lighting of 1,000 barbecue grills lined up to cook thousands of bangus, which stretches up to two kilometers. This also serves as a competition for hundreds of cooks, whose dishes are not only judged by the grilling but through whipping up the tastiest and most creative way of serving bangus. The contest was eventually called “’101 Ways to Cook Bangus” and won for the city a recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest barbecue in 2003.


Pangasinan Bangus FestivalPhoto from:


Aside from the grilling challenge, the festivity showcases a bangus eating contest, a search for the biggest and heaviest bangus, the Gilon-gilon dancing festival, the Pigar-pigar festival, the Halo-halo festival, and the Bangusan street party, where several local and Manila-based bands perform along Jose R. De Venecia Expressway Extension.-

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 Pangasinan Bangus FestivalPhoto from:


Pangasinan Bangus FestivalPhoto from:


Pangasinan Bangus FestivalPhoto from:





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