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It's More Fun in the Philippines, No.1 for Fun!


Planning a trip? Those who love to travel know the essence of all travel is about you and your enjoyment. Travelers know that the destination is a major part in planning a trip, experiencing and delving deeper into an unfamiliar places, people and culture is paramount.

Expand your horizons and set your sight to the Philippines, an off the beaten path travel site! An undiscovered paradise made of thousands of islands and white sand beaches all around! A tiny dot in the map of the world, and yet a haven for travelers, backpackers, retirees and even passersby.

It offers awesome tourist attractions, magnificent beaches, hot spring resorts, colorful festivals, hundreds of scenic spots and world-class hotels and facilities. Not to mention the tropical climate, the affordable prices as well as the friendly and hospitable, English-speaking people! You will be glad you came, and we’re sure, you WILL come back for more FUN in the Philippines!






Map Showing Pampanga


The province of Pampanga offers many interesting places to see, one of which is:

Candaba Swamp and Bird Sanctuary  in Candaba, Pampanga


candaba swamps



The Candaba Bird Sanctuary is a paradise waiting to be appreciated.  Hopefully it will be discovered by bird watchers and not by bird hunters. Migratory egrets and indigenous birds can be observed especially during dry months when the fishponds turn to muddy fields – when large numbers of egrets descend on shallow pools teeming with snails and small fish. The best time to visit the swamp is from October to January when these wintering birds make Candaba their home during harsh temperatures.

 A bird sanctuary and a haven for bird watchers, thousands of various types of birds migrate here for “snowbirding.”

The area is part of the 32,000-hectare Candaba Swamp that straddles the boundaries of the provinces of Pampanga, Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. The swamp serves as overspill for the Pampanga River that swells after the monsoons, making it an excellent habitat for wildlife, especially for migratory birds.  The swamp is the staging and wintering area for migratory birds from October up to April of every year. It is a significant part of the East Asia-Australiasian Migratory Flyway that includes Siberia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Korea and Singapore.

Migratory birds spend winter in the Philippines or pass through the islands on their way to points South and North on their return trip to their native habitats. Egrets and indigenous birds like the rare salaksak and batala can be observed especially during dry months when the fishponds turn to rice fields – when large numbers of egrets descend on shallow pools teeming with snails and small fish. In 1982, about 100,000 ducks were observed in a single day, thus having the largest concentration of birds in the country.

In a 24-hour census conducted by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) in 2008, a Philippine record of 17,000 birds were sighted. Some of the rare birds spotted were: the Shrenck’s Bittern, Great Bittern, Coot, Eurasian Spoonbill, Purple Swamphen, and the Chinese Pond Heron.

It is a popular tourist spot for people who appreciate nature and animals.

Here is a gallery of related photos for your appreciation.


candaba swamps


Candaba Swamp & Bird Sanctuary


candaba swamps

Photo from:


candaba swampsPhoto from:


 candaba swampsPhoto from:


candaba swampsPhoto from:


candaba swampsPhoto from:


candaba swamps


Candaba Swamp & Bird Sanctuary


candaba swamps
Candaba Swamp & Brid Sanctuary
Candaba Swamp & Bird Sanctuary


Candaba Swamp & Bird Sanctuary


Hope you enjoyed our bird sanctuary gallery!




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