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Planning a trip? Those who love to travel know the essence of all travel is about you and your enjoyment. Travelers know that the destination is a major part of planning a trip, experiencing and delving deeper into unfamiliar places, people and culture are paramount.

Expand your horizons and set your sight to the Philippines, an off the beaten path travel site! An undiscovered paradise made of thousands of islands and white sand beaches all around! A tiny dot in the map of the world, and yet a haven for travelers, backpackers, retirees and even passersby.

It offers awesome tourist attractions, magnificent beaches, hot spring resorts, colorful festivals, hundreds of scenic spots and world-class hotels and facilities. Not to mention the tropical climate, the affordable prices as well as the friendly and hospitable, English-speaking people! You will be glad you came, and we’re sure, you WILL come back for more FUN in the Philippines!






Tarlac has a long list of historical, religious, natural and man-made places and events that make it even more a very interesting place to visit!



Mt. Pinatubo Trek


Tarlac Mt. PinatuboPhoto from:


An annual trekking event is held every November 30 to commemorate the world-famous eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Hundreds of local and foreign visitors on board all-weather vehicles drive for one hour along the rocky and watery streambed in O’ Donnell, Brgy. Sta. Juliana in Capas, Tarlac only to take on a 2-hour walk to the crater of the volcano to witness the tranquility and peacefulness of Mother Nature. Participants join the annual event to contribute part of their resources for the benefit of the conservation and local infrastructure development projects of the host community of Sta. Juliana. The event is participated in by the Angeles City Four Wheelers Club with support from other motoring groups. The project is organized by the Department of Tourism – Region III as part of their mission to “build better quality of lives thru travel and tourism.”



How to Get to Tarlac

All buses from Manila going to the Ilocos Region and Baguio City pass through Tarlac. Most of these buses make rest stops along the highway at the town’s many restaurants. Philippine Rabbit in Manila has buses that leave for Tarlac every 10 to 30 minutes, twenty-four (24) hours a day. The types of available land transportation are cars, vans, jeepneys, tricycles, and buses.

Information below from:

1) Take a taxi direct from the airport to Tarlac- this will take you about 5 hours and cost around 8000 pesos. You can book taxis inside the airport just before you exit.

2) Take a taxi to the Victory Liner EDSA bus terminus (300 pesos max – 1 hour) and take the next express bus to Tarlac. (5 hours, comfortable aircon journey)

I would prefer the 2nd option, especially if you do not have more than 2 suitcases, simply because it is far cheaper, and more comfortable. There are Victory liner buses going to / passing through Tarlac every about 20 minutes, round the clock.

Do note 5 hours is on the higher side, it can be quicker if you do not have any traffic en route. However, there are often traffic snarls within Manila which make the journey slower. Once you are out of Manila city limits, it will take you around 1 hour to Dau and a further 1.5 hours to Tarlac.





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The Modern Landlocked Province of Tarlac

Interesting Places and Events in Tarlac

Special Events in Tarlac

Enjoy and Have Fun In Tarlac


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