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Planning a trip? Those who love to travel know the essence of all travel is about you and your enjoyment. Travelers know that the destination is a major part of planning a trip, experiencing and delving deeper into an unfamiliar place, people and culture are paramount. Expand your horizons and set your sight to the Philippines, an off the beaten path travel site! An undiscovered paradise made of thousands of islands and white sand beaches all around! A tiny dot in the map of the world, and yet a haven for travelers, backpackers, retirees and even passersby. It offers awesome tourist attractions, magnificent beaches, hot spring resorts, colorful festivals, hundreds of scenic spots and world-class hotels and facilities. Not to mention the tropical climate, the affordable prices as well as the friendly and hospitable, English-speaking people! You will be glad you came, and we’re sure, you WILL come back for more FUN in the Philippines!






Sinaot Festival


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May 1 – Labor Day, the feast of Saint of President Roxas, is the highlight of the towns’ annual municipal and religious fiesta scheduled from April 30 to May 3.
The feast day activities start off with a procession and a concelebrated mass at the parish church. At noontime, guest, family relatives and friends relish the delicious foods every household prepared as a gesture of traditional hospitality we Filipinos are known for the world over. The whole afternoon is highlighted by the Sinaot, a street-dancing to the tune of the Latin beat garbed in colourful Carribean costume. The competition this year is among groups, which represent a cross-section of the Poblacion, other lowland barangays, and the academe.  Read More:



Tagbuan Festival


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Conceptualized during pre-spanish time where the Aetas brought their harvest nto town for barter of the abundant catch of the fishermen. The upland people met with the fishermen on the seashore. The Hiligaynon term for the meeting of the upland people and the fishermen is “Tagbu.”


Mayor Ma. Rita Lyn B. Patricio
Municipality of Pilar, Capiz
Telfax. No. (036) 528-4024

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Cadimahan River Tour


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The Cadimahan River Tour is a project of the local government to provide visitors a refreshing and enriching ride cruising the river, as well as giving also livelihood to fisher folks living in the nearby area.

Experience a river tour in the floating restaurant and enjoy mouth watering sea foods.

In addition to an exciting ride along the river, the site also offers various services such as: courses interpretation of resources, recreational fishing and demonstration of fishing gear used by fishers of people,and other species samples in live form, and also community participation: mangrove planting and river clean-up.

Enjoy the foot spa and relaxing massage.

There are services offered such as foot spa and whole body massage. Enjoy the relaxing place and scenic view of the river, perfect for nature lovers.  Read More:





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