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Ulong beach is open for local and foreign tourist, if you want to go there you must bring your own food because they don’t have any food store or restaurant near in the beach, but they have sari-sari store and you can easy to buy prepaid load for your mobile. Ulong Beach is not really crowded even weekend, and the water is very clear and not so cold. It’s nice to swim and enjoy strolling along the seaside and capturing moments with your camera. Ulong beach is facing in to the nortwest, and if you like to experience the sunset you must stay in the beach until 7 PM to see the beautiful sunset. If you plan to visit Marinduque, from Manila, take the bus going to Lucena City Pier (Dalahican). Travel time is almost 5 hours including traffic and from Lucena City Pier you travel again by shipping lines bound to Marinduque Island for 2 hours. But if you want to spend vacation to Marinduque for immediate access to the Island its better you travel by Plane with Zest Air or some other local airlines or try to visit some travel agencies on the Internet for more info. Read More:



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Ulong Beach is found on the Island of Marinduque, the Heart of the Philippines.  Located in Municipality of Mogpog and the Barangay of Capayang, the beach faces to the west with views of Mindoro and Batangas.  Our lot presently contains two Nipa style huts and a fresh water well.  The lot is fenced for privacy. It is the perfect place to spend the day with the family.  Calm shallow water makes it the perfect place to swim with the children.  Read More:






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Ulong beach is just one of the many beaches there in Marinduque. If you want a perfect bonding with your family, this is an ideal place. It is found in Brgy. Capayang, Mogpog Marinduque. It is in the west views of Mindoro and Batangas. The lot has two nipa style huts and fresh water well. It has fences for privacy. The calm shallow water makes it more inviting to swim with your children. Read More:



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