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Deep in the island province of Marinduque lies a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

Ideal for thrill-seekers and wanderers at heart, the Palad Sandbar is a one of a kind place for beach lovers. Located in Maniwaya Island in the province of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, the Palad Sandbar is one of the sandbars in the Philippines worth checking out.

Covered with powdery sand as it is being flushed through the crystal clear waters, Marinduque’s own sandbar is an excellent example of a wonderful scenery. Here, you can spot various rock formations which are clear representations of nature’s exemplary beauty. Among other sandbars in the country, Palad boasts its proximity in the heart of Manila. Read More:


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Travelers are not only looking for white sand and crystal water in a beautiful island, they are also searching for sandbar, a bar of sand formed in a sea or river by the action of tides or currents. One of the stunning sand bars in the Philippines is can be found near Maniwaya Island in the province of Marinduque. It is called Palad Sandbar.

Palad Sandbar is one of a kind places for outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers. It features powdery white sands that flush through the crystal clear waters, which appears during low tide. It’s advisable to go here in the morning when the tide is usually low. You can reach sandbar via a 30-minute boat ride from Maniwaya Read More:





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The first Sandbar I’ve ever visited and I swear it was worth the trip! Took us 9 hours to get in the Maniwaya Island and almost 12 hours going back to Manila, but I didn’t mind at all. We all had fun with our DIY trip!

It feels like a dream to have visited the beautiful and magnificent Palad Sandbar. I was in awe all along. We visited the Sandbar on our first day at around 3PM, when the tide was still high. It’s amazing to see how the sandbar shows up slowly. There were a lot of boats and people that I didn’t appreciate it at all. It suddenly became crowded. Until we left for the rock formation.

When we’re about to head back to the resort, I noticed that there was only a boat left. Our bangkero, Kuya Leandro (not his real name), was thoughtful enough to ask if I wanted to go back while I was pointing my finger to the sandbar. Albeit a little at around 5PM, knowing that it was just 5mins boat ride away from our resort, I immediately said YES.

We finally arrived! One wouldn’t imagine my excitement. Although the sun has almost set, it was that time that I got to enjoy and appreciate the breath-taking Palad Sandbar!!! Read More:



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