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Poctoy White Beach is considered as the most famous beach in the mainland of Marinduque facing Sibuyan Sea. The beach features over a kilometer long stretch of pure white sand, alluring deep turquoise waters, interesting seaside rock formations, lush of green vegetation, beautiful view of Mount Malindig and looming mountains as backdrop. Visitors may enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving and wind surfing. There are plenty of beach front resorts in the area and cottages are also available for day visitors but camping is also allowed. In spite the fact that it’s a public beach, it is clean and lively worth visiting. Read More:


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Poctoy White Beach is a must see when you visit my hometown – Torrijos, Marinduque. Its approximately 1 kilometer stretch of white-sand beach offers visitors a unique beach experience. One of the “heart of the Philippines’” gems, this public beach is colloquial to perfect summer get-away!

Facing the Sibuyan Sea, the waves are not so big and strong – kids will surely enjoy swimming; the beach area is wide – simply perfect for beach sports. The amazing view from the beach of the province’s highest peak, The Mt. Malindig, is also a superb addition!

Travel Notes: Poctoy White Beach is a public beach. You have to pay the P25 entrance fee. Renting of cottage costs P200 only. Camping is allowed. There are no restaurants in the area, only karinderya and sari sari-stores. From time to time, fishermen are docking in the beach area with fresh-caught seafoods/fishes like Yellow Fin, Dorado, Galunggong, Sardines, and squids. You can buy and ask the canteen owners to cook for you – for a cheap cooking charge. Read More:


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Marinduque is an ideal place for beach lovers. The island is dotted with white sand beaches and relaxing islets which are perfect for water recreational activities such as windsurfing, diving and snorkeling. Poctoy White Beach is one-kilometer long with fine white sands, which is probably one of the best beaches in Marinduque! It is located at Torrijos, about 50 minutes drive from Boac and has an outstanding view of Mt. Malindig, coral reefs and clear water that is an ideal spot for snorkeling. You can also enjoy your food trip in the long line of eateries at the beach where you can have lots of food at a very affordable price.

Poctoy White Beach is just one of the best beaches in Marinduque. If you are a certified explorer, the Heart of the Philippines is a perfect getaway for you!  Read More:



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Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque is definitely a must-see destination. We were amazed by its impressive sight. Imagine a long stretch of white sand beach and an astonishing Mt. Malindig as your bonus background?

Poctoy White Beach might be outshined by its more popular neighbor, Maniwaya Island in Sta. Cruz, an hour travel away. But, in Poctoy, you can have a better place for relaxation and sanctuary. We went here last, December 2, 2017 (Saturday) and we were surprised it’s not crowded though it was during late in the morning, there were number of visitors coming. What we really liked about Poctoy Beach is that you no longer need to rent a boat(which usually ranges from P2000.00 and above) unlike the other beaches in Marinduque. It is perfect for people travelling in small groups, or for couples with tight budget.

The water is clear and refreshing. If you prefer some water activities, they have kayaking and boating.  Read More:


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