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The Battle of Bataan represented the most intense phase of Imperial Japan’s invasion of the Philippines during World War II. It left a lot of memories which are commemorated in the areas where they took place:



Zero Km. Death March Marker


Bataan Zero Km. Death March MarkerPhoto from:


The Zero Km. Death March Marker was the starting point of the Bataan Death March in Bagac in 1942. A similar marker can be found in Mariveles. There are two (2) Zero Km. Death March Marker, one in the Free Port town of Mariveles and the other is in the beach town of Bagac, the largest town in Bataan. A Philippine Japan Friendship tower is also erected at Bagac.

The plaque installed in the landmark was donated by the Filipino-American Memorial Endowment, Inc. (FAME) and the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. The original road heads to the north following the original death march route.

Site of the start of the Death March in Bagac. A similar Death Marker can be found in Mariveles. – Read More:



Surrender Site Marker


Photo from.


The Surrender Site Marker is the site of the formal surrender of Bataan, led by Major General Edward King, to General Masaharu Homma, who later became the command post for the Japanese. The surrender of Gen. King was not documented for propaganda purposes by the Japanese. Located inside the compound of Balanga Elementary School at Basa Street, Talisay Balanga, Bataan, at present, marker and paintings are located at the school premises.

Found in the compound of Balanga Elementary School, it is the site of the formal surrender of Bataan. – Read More:



Pilar Flaming Sword


Bataan Pilar Flaming SwordPhoto from:


Pilar Flaming Sword, located at Panilao, Pilar, Bataan, is an eye-catching landmark that depicts a hand holding a flaming sword up in the air. This landmark became the symbol of the Filipino patriots’ courage and gallantry as they face the adversary and threats to their democracy and freedom. – Read More:




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